Individual Sponsors

Our work includes helping those who are less fortunate find a path to recovery.  In some cases they come to us from the streets, in other cases they find sponsors who can help them for a short time.  We help wherever we can.

We need your generous sponsorship to help some of our individuals.  This can be in the form of:

  • Food donations
  • Financial donations – just R200 can help us help them

We are extremely grateful to these people who remain anonymous and help those less fortunate, who cannot afford treatment. Without their help, many of these clients would still be struggling and living on the streets.




Thanks to the generous assistance of big corporate and generous donors who provide support, we are able to help clients who have spent years living on the street to find recovery. We refer to other places of safety. These clients have special needs and require a long term stay to deal with many obstacles in their path. We are proud to partner with Eskort who generously donate food packages to us.

Thanks to the team at Eskort, Morne Dreyer, Nic Reynolds and staff we have been able to help those who cannot afford to help themselves and rely on the kindness of others.  We would like to say a big thank you for their generous support.  This kind donation has meant the world of difference to our small crisis centre.

A big part of our business is helping those who have come off the street to find recovery. Thank you again!  Eskort has made a really big difference to our world.