Case Studies


Fiona came to us after a series of hospitalisations. Fiona was one of the clients we see who cannot find a place suited to her needs. She had an existing support network of psychiatric professionals and medication. She was a transit patient who was waiting for space at a government facility. Without us there would have been nowhere to go, but a shelter in the city centre. She has been a regular visitor to Mudita since leaving us in January 2018.


Paul was referred to us by a group of caring people who wanted him to get help, but he felt he didn’t need to go to rehab. He agreed to come to us for a week. Thanks to our team, and the clients at Mudita Cara he became open to the idea of committing to a personal treatment plan which included inpatient treatment at a facility suited to his needs and those of his family – emotionally, spiritually and financially. We are happy to report at this time that he is enjoying treatment and is learning and growing.


Giles was suspended from his halfway house for 72 hours. He stayed with us for the duration of that time and was returned safely to the facility. By the time he left he had been involved with our crisis programme and was better equipped to commit to a treatment plan.


Edward was a busy sales person who needed help but refused to go to an inpatient treatment programme. We assisted him for a short period of time. During that time, we worked on specific life problems for him, and helped him with a firm plan. He committed to going into treatment if he battled to stay sober. He has celebrated more than 3 continued months of sobriety, where previously he had only managed a week at a time.


Through an intervention via the Hawks, we were able to help a client who had been removed from a sex trafficking syndicate. With the help of one of the NGO’s we work with we were able to arrange a long-term place of safety for her.