Our Team


Jaco discovered recovery after 15 years of addiction. He has an extensive background in business management and left the corporate environment in order to start Mudita Cara in December 2017. He heads up the operations and is an addictions counsellor for the facility. His work with men in gender specific recovery has enhanced the process for many, and ensures that Mudita Cara can have a gender specific approach. He has managed halfway houses and interacts with other addicts at different facilities. He is registered with BAPSA (Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa).

In just over 10 years, Adrienne has worked at various treatment centres at all levels of treatment, outpatient, inpatient, secondary and tertiary care.  She has a passion for special needs groups such as women, clients who battle with relapse and dual diagnosis.  After three years of managing a halfway house, she and Jaco started Mudita Cara.  Adrienne is a certified Addictions Counselor with BAPSA (Board of Addictions Professionals of South Africa) and is registered with the Council of Counselors as an institutional counselor.

Recovery Assistants

We work with various recovery assistants who all share a passion for working with others. They help with coordination of the daily programme, our duty allocation and other admin tasks. They are there to help by reaching out and providing more help to each client.