Our Partners


Hope Risen

Hope, Love, Justice, Integrity, Honour, Faith.

Prevention & Awareness of Human Trafficking as well as Intervention, Restoration and Reintegration of Victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. We have assisted Hope Risen with treatment advice and recommendations.



Drug and Alcohol Wars South Africa (NGO)

One of the only organisations helping exclusively women, they have a safe facility for these special ladies who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, or who cannot afford treatment.  The house is a safe haven where gender problems are dealt with in a compassionate way.



The Recovery Foundation (NPO)

The Recovery Foundation NPO was founded by three individuals, Adrienne Dodds, Roberto Ferreira and Brendan James van Staadan. Each individual brings their own focus and flavour to the organisation and together, they form a formidable team who fight to break the stigma of chemical dependency, and help maladjusted people to reintegrate and reconnect with society.

The Recovery Foundation Team emphasises the importance of connection and purpose. The Foundation believes that through creating healthy environments, encouraging strong and meaningful relationships, and fostering an individual’s passion for sports, cultural activities and other healthy outlets, people with chemical dependency issues who feel disconnected, may overcome their circumstances and find a new way to live.



Cambridge House

Leaving primary care can be a daunting process both for the individual being discharged; as well as their loved ones. Cambridge Halfway House is a safe and therapeutic environment which helps our clients bridge the gap between primary care back into their normal life routines. When looking for help for someone suffering from the effects of addiction the process can be confusing and at time overwhelming when it comes to the many facilities to choose from and the kinds of treatment offered. Cambridge aims to help make this process as easy and smooth as possible by providing the guidance and advice needed when making the decision.



YouTurn House

Halfway and Sober Living

Offers a home of warmth and solid recovery. A luxurious and stable setting in which to practice living Life on Life’s Terms, with other recovering fellowship family. This is a home away from home, a safe sober environment where you will encourage you to be the best YOU can be.