About Us


Over the years of working in the treatment industry experience has taught us that from time to time, for different reasons some addicts find themselves with nowhere to go for periods of time.

Perhaps they had been asked to leave their treatment facility for a short space of time due to relapsing or acting out.

Or because a life crisis had overcome them, and they needed somewhere safe to stay.

We realized that many still-suffering addicts were being left behind and forgotten by the people who wanted to help them.

So, the idea for Mudita Cara was born. The name means “Finding delight in the happiness of others”.

Since December 2017 we have provided safe harbor for many who need help.

We look after a maximum of 10 – 12 people at a time which makes us unique.

We really do help the individual. In many cases we work with other treatment facilities and care for their clients who are in transit or awaiting beds.

Each of them needs specific care based on their different needs.

We have been privileged and delighted to help a few clients who have come directly from the street and who are generously sponsored to stay here.

Mudita Cara really is a special place. We are always delighted to help.

Our Facility:

What Our Past Clients Say:

(All names have been changed to protect their anonymity)